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The Power of Nudges


Here is an article by Richard H. Thaler for The New York TImes. To read the complete article, check out others, and obtain subscription information, please click here.

Illustration Credit: Anthony Freda

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Nudges, small design changes that can markedly affect individual behavior, have been catching on. … READ MORE

Greg McKeown on how to develop “the disciplined pursuit of less”

McKeownIn Essentialism, Greg McKeown explains how to develop “the disciplined pursuit of less.” Obviously, he agrees with Albert Einstein: “Make everything as simple as possible but not simpler.”

I agree with McKeown: “There are three deeply entrenched assumptions we must … READ MORE

5 Steps to Designing a Billion-Dollar Company

5 Steps
Here is a brief excerpt from a guest post by Patrick Stewart for Inc. magazine. To read the complete article, check out others, and obtain subscription information, please click here.


Finish BIG: A book review by Bob Morris

Finish BigFinish BIG: How Great Entrepreneurs Exit Their Companies on Top
Bo Burlingham
Portfolio/Penguin Random House (2015)

“In theory there is no difference between theory and practice [when selling a company]. In practice there is.” Yogi Berra

As I began to read Bo Burlingham’s latest book, I was … READ MORE

The Creator’s Code: A book review by Bob Morris

Creator's CodeThe Creator’s Code: The Six Essential Skills of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs
Amy Wilkinson
Simon & Schuster (2015)

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re probably right.”
Henry Ford

The term “gazelle” refers to the classic entrepreneur of myth and reality, someone … READ MORE

Green Giants: A book review by Bob Morris

Green GiantsGreen Giants: How Smart Companies Turn Sustainability into Billion- Dollar Businesses
E. Freya Williams
AMA COM (2015)

How and why purpose and profitability are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they tend to be interdependent.

To what does the title of this book refer? E. Freya Williams focuses … READ MORE

Social Physics: A book review by Bob Morris

Social PhysicsSocial Physics: How Social Networks Can Make Us Smarter
Alex Pentland
Penguin Books (2014)

How to increase our understanding of “the dynamics of human society, and hence our ability to plan for the future”

Alex (“Sandy”) Pentland is among the most influential thought leaders in a new … READ MORE

How to separate learning myths from reality

neuromyths2_150x84Here is a brief excerpt from an article written by Artin Atabaki, Stacey Dietsch, and Julia M. Sperling for the McKinsey Quarterly, published by McKinsey & Company. They discuss misconceptions about the brain that are embedded in corporate training programs and could be sabotaging their effectiveness. … READ MORE

Greg McKeown on “The Pursuit of Less”


Here is an excerpt from an interview of Greg McKeown by Frank Kalman for written Talent Management magazine. To read the interview, check out all the resources, and sign up for a free subscription to the TM and/or Chief Learning Officer magazines published by MedfiaTec, … READ MORE

Kara Penn: An interview by Bob Morris

PennKara Penn is cofounder and principal consultant at Mission Spark, a management consulting firm dedicated to organizational change and improvement in complex and often resource-constrained settings. In guiding her clients’ thinking, planning, and action, Kara focuses on best practice and implementation, an approach that puts her … READ MORE


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