The “secret sauce” of Google’s idea generation

In Reinventing the Organization, Arthur Yeung and Dave Ulrich explain “how companies can deliver radically greater value in fast-changing markets.” They focus on several companies, including Amazon, Facebook, and Google, in the U.S.; Alibaba, Huawei, and Tencent in China; and Supercell in Europe.

Here’s what Heung and Ulrich learned about Google’s “secret sauce” for idea generation during three time-periods:


Bottom-up innovative products that enhance product richness and variety as well as creativity and a sense of initiative in employees. Example results: Gmail, Google Adsense, Google News.


Top-down, focused investments driving the rapid development of new products in strategic directions and product solutions with heavy investment of resources. Example results: Google Plus, Google Cloud.


Google: development of the company is driven by top-down decisions on product innovation in strategic business fields as well bottom-up innovation that optimizes performance. All are equally important.

Other bets: The development and incubation of bottom-up, revolutionary, innovative businesses or technologies. Example results: Waymo, Caklico, Vedrily.

Yeung and Ulrich includes these comments by Greg Satell about Google’s integration efforts:

“What makes Google special is the way that it’s been able to integrate an entire portfolio of innovation strategies into a seamless whole. Product managers focus on customer needs. Researchers go where the4 science takes them. Engineers working on 20% time projects follow their passions. Anybody who wants to can adopt one or more of these approaches.

“That takes more than management philosophy or streamlined operation. — it requires a true spirit of discovery deeply embedded into the organization’s DNA.”

From “Want to Do Corporate Innovation Right? Go Inside Google’s Brain,” HBR, June 2016

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Reinventing the Organization was published by Harvard Business Review Press (September 2019).


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