Rosabeth Moss Kanter: An interview by Bob Morris

June 6, 2011

Rosabeth Moss Kanter is the Ernest L. Arbuckle Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, specializing in strategy, innovation, and leadership for change. She advises major corporations and governments worldwide, and is the author or co-author of 15 books,…

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Jay Cross: An interview by Bob Morris

June 5, 2011

Jay Cross is a champion of informal learning, Web 2.0, and systems thinking. His calling is to help business people improve their performance on the job and satisfaction in life. He has challenged conventional wisdom about how adults learn since…

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Leonard Berry: An interview by Bob Morris

June 2, 2011

Leonard Berry is Distinguished Professor of Marketing, and holds the M.B. Zale Chair in Retailing and Marketing Leadership in the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University. He is also Professor of Humanities in Medicine at the College of Medicine…

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Peter Sims: An interview by Bob Morris

May 28, 2011

Peter Sims is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur.  He is the author of  Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries, from Simon & Schuster: Free Press.  Previously, he was the co-author with Bill George of True North,  the Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek best-selling book, and…

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Lisa Hershman: An interview by Bob Morris

May 26, 2011

Lisa Hershman is a seasoned business professional and author, who brings a wealth of real-world experience and an innovative style to her position at Hammer and Company. Prior to joining Hammer and Company, she served as Corporate Senior Vice President…

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Jennifer L. Aaker and Andy Smith: An interview by Bob Morris

May 24, 2011

Co–authors of The Dragonfly Effect, Jennifer Aaker and Andy Smith live in Lafayette, California, with their three children. A social psychologist and marketer, Jennifer Aaker is the General Atlantic Professor of Marketing at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. Her…

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Carla O’Dell & Cindy Hubert: An interview by Bob Morris

May 21, 2011

Carla O’Dell is president of APQC and is considered one of the world’s leading experts in knowledge management (KM). In 1995 and under O’Dell’s direction, APQC launched its first KM best practices consortium study called Emerging Best Practices in Knowledge Management. Thirty-nine organizations sponsored the groundbreaking study. Since then,…

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Justin Menkes, Second Interview: by Bob Morris

May 20, 2011

Justin Menkes, Ph.D., is a leading expert in the field of evaluating C-suite executives and preparing individuals for the CEO position. His research led him to the discovery of Executive Intelligence and the creation of a methodology to measure it. Justin is an active member of…

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Alan Webber: An interview by Bob Morris

April 30, 2011

  Alan M. Webber is an award-winning, nationally-recognized editor, author, and columnist. In 1995, he launched Fast Company magazine, a fresh, dynamic entry in the business magazine category. Headquartered in Boston, MA, the magazine became the fastest growing, most successful business magazine in history. Fast Company won…

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Justin Menkes, First Interview: An interview by Bob Morris

April 19, 2011

Justin Menkes is managing director of the Executive Intelligence Group, a subsidiary of Spencer Stuart. He wrote the Wall-Street Journal besteller Executive Intelligence and has authored articles for the Harvard Business Review, Chief Executive, and Directorship Magazine. His research led…

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