Charting technology’s new directions: A conversation with MIT’s Erik Brynjolfsson

May 17, 2013

Erik Brynjolfsson is a leading expert on the new relationship between man and machine and the challenges that emerge when innovation is decoupled from growth in jobs and incomes. He discusses that relationship during this conversation with McKinsey Publishing’s Rik…

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What successful organizational transformations share: McKinsey Global Survey results

May 2, 2013

When organizational transformations succeed, managers typically pay attention to “people issues,” especially fostering collaboration among leaders and employees and building capabilities. Here is a brief excerpt from an article which shares the result of a McKinsey Global Study (in 2010)…

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Chip Heath and Olivier Sibony on “Making great decisions”

April 15, 2013

Here is an excerpt from the transcript of a conversation featured by The McKinsey Quarterly during which Stanford’s Chip Heath and McKinsey’s Olivier Sibony discuss new research, fresh frameworks, and practical tools for decision makers. To read the complete transcript,…

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Leadership: A Master Class

March 7, 2013

Leadership: A Master Class Daniel Goleman, Host More Than Sound A “must have” wealth of resources Years ago, I began to recommend books that I thought should be added to what is, in effect, an in-house business library that almost…

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February 15, 2013

Here is another in the CONVERSATIONS AT EDGE series, in this instance a conversation with Nassim Nicholas Taleb. “The point we will be making here is that logically, neither trial and error nor “chance” and serendipity can be behind the…

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TALES FROM THE WORLD BEFORE YESTERDAY: A Conversation with Jared Diamond

February 8, 2013

Here is another in the CONVERSATIONS AT EDGE series, in this instance a conversation with Jared Diamond who explains, “I’ve set myself the modest task of trying to explain the broad pattern of human history, on all the continents, for…

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THE NORMAL WELL-TEMPERED MIND: A Conversation with Daniel C. Dennett

January 31, 2013

Here is another in the CONVERSATION AT EDGE series, in this instance a conversation with the philosopher Daniel C. Dennett. He is perhaps best known in cognitive science for his concept of intentional systems, and his multiple drafts (or “fame…

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