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Questions to ask when obtaining feedback from an underperforming direct report

In Radical Candor, Kim Scott explains how almost any organization — whatever its size and nature may be — can “defy the gravitational pull of organizational mediocrity.” The ultimate goal of what she characterizes as Radical … READ MORE

Andrew Sobel on “How to create a great client experience”

SobelFor the guests of his hotels, César Ritz focused on consistently providing superior service that he characterized as “invisible.” According to Andrew Sobel, there are five dimensions to a great client experience. Here is a brief excerpt from … READ MORE

Mark Goulston and John Ullmen: An interview by Bob Morris

Goulston, MarkMark Goulston, M.D., is a prominent psychiatrist, business advisor, and executive coach. He is co-founder of Heartfelt Leadership whose mission is: “Daring to Care.” He is the author of the bestselling Just Listen: Discover the … READ MORE