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Worthless, Impossible, and Stupid: A book review by Bob Morris

WorthlessWorthless, Impossible, and Stupid: How Contrarian Entrepreneurs Create and Capture Extraordinary Value
Daniel Isenberg
Harvard Business Review Press (2013)

A brilliant analysis of entrepreneurship as “the contrarian perception, creation, and capture of extraordinary value”

Let’s say that a Mount Rushmore type of monument for entrepreneurs will be constructed … READ MORE

Michael Michalko: An interview by Bob Morris

Michael Michalko

Michael Michalko is one of the most highly acclaimed creativity experts in the world and author of the best sellers Thinkertoys (A Handbook of Business Creativity), ThinkPak (A Brainstorming … READ MORE

Walk the Walk: A book review by Bob Morris

Walk the Walk: The #1 Rule for Real Leaders
Alan Deutschman
Portfolio/The Penguin Group (2009)

Deutschman’s objective was to write what turns out to be an especially entertaining and engaging as well as informative analysis of “real” leadership, what Bill George would … READ MORE