Four superb Interviews on Innovation

Of all the leaders in business thought leadership, none offers more and better information, insights, and counsel for C-level executives than does the McKinsey Quarterly, published by McKinsey & Company. Case in point: Here are interviews of four thought leaders:

o Coaching innovation: An interview with Intuit’s Bill Campbell
A veteran Silicon Valley CEO and mentor of CEOs talks about his years in high tech.
Conducted by Lenny T. Mendonca and Kevin D. Sneader
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o The future of the global workplace: An interview with the CEO of Manpower
Jeff Joerres explains how a rapid pace of change requires both companies and employees to take a new approach to work.
Conducted by Rodger L. Boehm
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o Leading change: An interview with the CEO of Deere & Company
Bob Lane details the steps his company took to engage the whole organization in an operational and cultural transformation.
Conducted by Rodger L. Boehm
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o Escaping the middle-market trap: An interview with the CEO of Electrolux
Hans Stråberg discusses the challenges of serving both the high and low ends of the market successfully.
Conducted by Trond Riiber Knudsen
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