WordPress 3 Search Engine Organization: A book review by Bob Morris

WordPress 3: Search Engine Organization
Michael David
Packt Publishing (2011)

A practical, hands-on approach to creating a WordPress blog or website “that search engines will love”

As is also true of other Packt publications, this book has prepared me well to work with technical and graphics specialists whom I have retained to develop for me a “fully-functional, dynamic” WordPress website. That is to say, Michael David and his colleagues have provided a comprehensive and cohesive briefing on how I can work effectively with the specialists to create a WordPress blog or website “that search engines will love.” According to Paul, “We’ll learn about Google’s recommended best practices and how to implement the best ranking strategies when planning and executing your web marketing plan. We’ll learn to identify and safely avoid a host of forbidden ‘black hat’ te4chniques that search engines frown upon.” Coverage includes keyword research h, title tag optimization, link building, and site architecture as well as most effective strategies and tactics for search optimization.

I do not fully understand all of the material provided in Chapter 7 (“Using Social Media”), for example, that explains how to harness social media to help promote (in my case) a WP website at which I blog. However, given the volume of content that I continue to create or adapt, it will be immensely helpful to me to know (and understand) which questions to ask throughout the website development process, one that will probably be never-ending. But at least I can express my wishes and intentions as various modifications are made in weeks and months ahead.

Readers will appreciate the “Summary” section at the conclusion of each of the nine chapters in which Michael David reviews key points. This material will facilitate, indeed expedite frequent review later. In fact, I highly recommend highlighting whichever passages are most relevant to the reader’s specific needs and interests. As is also true of other Packt publications, this one has a highly detailed Table of Contents and Index.


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