Why multitaskers can’t change a flat tire

Many of the people I know are multitaskers and some of them seem rather vain about it.

They claim to get more done, and done better, and in less time.

In fact, they are delusional.

How to change a flat tire?

I come to a complete stop on a flat surface, safe from traffic flow. Place gear in “P.” And then I call AAA.

Otherwise, obtain the jack and place it under frame. Then obtain tire iron and elevate flat tire above the ground. Remove lug nuts. Replace flat tire with spare. Tighten lug nuts. Lower spare to the ground. Put everything else in trunk and proceed to where lat tire can be repaired or replaced.

I have just described sequential tasking.

The next time you encounter someone bragging about being a multi tasker, ask them to explain how to change a flat tire.

Even calling and waiting for AAA to repair a flat tire involves a sequence of steps taken in proper order.

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