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What Executives Really Need to Know about Employee Engagement

In their employee engagement study, Elizabeth Craig of the Accenture Institute for High Performance and Lauren DeSimone of the International Consortium for Executive Development Research, explore this topic in depth. Based on research, they identify the key drivers of engagement, revealing how companies can create it in their organizations and, more importantly, sustain high levels of engagement over time.

The research surveyed 1,367 employees in large US companies across a range of industries. It helps companies understand what employee engagement is, and identifying the catalysts of high employee engagement. Among the most important are:

• Jobs that are varied and provide motivation.
• A compelling future.
• A safe environment.
• Dependable colleagues.
• Sane expectations.

The stakes are high: a workforce that is highly engaged is the engine driving the gains in profitability and productivity that are critical to business success in a competitive global environment.

To download a PDF of the report, please click here.


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