We’re All Behind at Work. Don’t Feel Guilty About It.

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When you have a never-ending to-do list, it’s easy to feel guilty about what you haven’t finished. But guilt is useful only when it motivates you to get more done — it shouldn’t make you feel ashamed. To ease these kinds of emotions when they arise, exercise self-compassion.

o Imagine what you’d say to a friend who felt bad for being behind on a few projects. Chances are you’d tell your friend not to worry about it so much — so tell yourself the same thing.

o You can also make yourself feel better by focusing on what you have been able to accomplish. Keep a “done list” in addition to your to-do list, so you can remind yourself of past work.

o And always remember: All that work you have to do will be there tomorrow, whether you feel guilty about it or not.

So cut yourself some slack, take a breath, and just do your best.

Adapted from “You’re Never Going to Be “Caught Up” at Work. Stop Feeling Guilty About It.,” by Art Markman

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