Using WordPress: A book review by Bob Morris

Using WordPress: More Than Just a Book
Tris Hussey
Que Publishing/Pearson Education, Inc. (2011)

An excellent single source for information, insights, advice, and instruction on website “basics”

Here’s my situation: I continue to learn as much as I can about WordPress basics so that I can work more effectively with those I have retained to prepare and then launch my own website on WordPress. What I learn from these books accomplishes several important objectives: first, it fills in knowledge and understanding gaps, next, it helps me to ask better questions and to understand answers to them; and finally, because I know what my options are, I can clarify my intentions and make better choices both now and in the future.

I am unqualified to claim that Tris Hussey’s book is the best choice for persons such as I. However, I do think it offers more than sufficient information, insights, advice, and instruction on website “basics.” The material seems to be of high quality and is well presented, in large measure because of Hussey’s skillful use of several reader-friendly devices. For example, throughout the narrative, he inserts “Show Me” video walk-throughs (accessible online) that explain how to complete essential tasks such as “Setting Up and Using WordPress Menus” on Page 166; also, “Tell Me More” audio segments that provide practical insights from various subject matter experts such as “How to Find the Right Plugin for the Job” (Page 128); and “Let Me Try It” exercises that demonstrate tasks presented in a step-by-step sequence that enable the reader to follow along such as “Moving a ‘Static’ Website to WordPress” (Page 239). These three devices – in effective coordination with direct address — help Hussey to establish and then sustain a tutorial relationship with his reader.

For those such as I who lack extensive technical training and practical experience with various WordPress procedures and processes, this book offers two major benefits: gaining an understanding of how to work effectively with those who do as well as gaining an understanding of how to increase a website’s capabilities, once the basics have been accommodated. In my case, my objective is to create a community of interest in cutting-edge business thinkers as well as in the articles and books they write. My website ( also features my interviews of these business thinkers.

I am grateful to Tris Hussey and to those whom he invited to contribute to the material in his volume. It should be added that those who purchase a copy can access three additional chapters (“Tips and Tools for WordPress,” “Managing Multiple Blogs,” and “Becoming a Part of the WordPress Community”) by visiting or They can also “unlock the free web edition” when doing so.


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  1. book blog gang on July 25, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    I sort of disagree with you about this one, but I can see that you made your point well and that you are an intelligent person. It was well spoken and easy to read, I enjoyed it.

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