Try Not to Stress Out a Boss Who Stresses You Out

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No one is their best self under stress — remember this when dealing with a boss who puts you on edge. When your manager is feeling pressure, they’re more likely to display their worst qualities. So don’t make things worse by being a source of stress yourself.

o If you annoy or upset your manager, or if the work you produce is unacceptable, you can expect the worst aspects of their personality to emerge, which will cause you stress.

o Do what you can to make your boss’s job easier. Research shows that, regardless of their job and industry, managers tend to promote employees who are rewarding to deal with.

o So do what you can to be a soothing influence on your boss. It will reduce everyone’s stress levels.

Adapted from “How to Deal with a Boss Who Stresses You Out,” by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

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