The Power of Rachel Beckwith’s “big, crazy goal”

Here is one of the posts by Simon Sinek (on July 27, 2011) at his blog, Re:Focus (Simple Ideas to Help You Thrive). Once you read it, I doubt if you will soon forget it…if ever. To check out Simon’s other resources, please click here and you may also wish to visit here.

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Rachel Beckwith

Recently, a 9-year-old girl named Rachel Beckwith died in a pileup on I-90 in Washington state. Her spinal chord was severed and there was nothing the doctors could do to save her life.

June 12th was her last birthday and for her birthday Rachel told everyone that she didn’t want any presents and she didn’t want a party. Instead, she wanted her friends to donate $9 to Charity Water. “Her big crazy goal,” said her pastor, “was to raise $300 so that 15 kids in Africa would have safe, clean water.” At the time of her death, she was $80 short of her goal.

Inspired by her generosity, Rachel’s church publicized her goal on their website…and the donations started rolling in.

When last I logged on, Rachel had raised over $300,000. And her wish to help 15 people will now help over 15,000 people. [I just checked and the current total raised thus far is $1, 243, 223.]

Rachel Beckwith may be the most inspiring 9 year old I know and I’m proud to support her in her dream to give.

If you’re interested in helping Rachel’s cause, visit My Charity Water.

If you’d like to donate to help her parents pay the medical bills, you can visit to donate.

May we all raise our children to think of others before themselves.

May we all raise our children to by like Rachel Beckwith.

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