The Other Half of Self-Awareness

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Self-awareness helps us recognize our bad habits at work. But being aware of your less-than-ideal behavior is only half the battle; you need to use that knowledge to improve. Think about a situation where you might need to change your approach.

o When are you less effective than you’d like? When do your usual methods fall flat?

o Next, consider why your approach isn’t working and what you could try instead. Then make a plan for the next time you’re in that situation, and practice beforehand. For example, if you talk too much in meetings, reflect on why. Do you just like your ideas a lot? Do you need others’ approval? Do you lose track of how long you’ve been speaking?

o Then make your plan. Maybe you’ll limit yourself to speaking twice per meeting, or you’ll wear a watch to time your contributions.

These new behaviors may not feel comfortable at first — which is why it’s important to practice them.

Adapted from “How to Move from Self-Awareness to Self-Improvement,” by Jennifer Porter

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