Tell Your Boss When You’re Overworked


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It can be hard to admit that you have too much work, but sometimes you’re simply stretched too thin. How do you talk to your manager about lightening your workload without seeming lazy?

o Start the conversation by stating your team’s shared objectives and priorities. Doing this ensures that you and your boss are aligned on expectations.

o Next, explain what’s getting in the way of you accomplishing those goals. For instance: “Now that I manage people, I spend more time planning, which leaves less time for other work.”

o Be sure to offer ideas to remedy the problem. Perhaps certain tasks could be done quarterly instead of monthly, or maybe you could hire a temp to handle some tasks.

o If your manager is unwilling to budge, consider turning to your colleagues. They may be able to pitch in, at least temporarily.

Adapted from “How to Tell Your Boss You Have Too Much Work,” by Rebecca Knight

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