Take Notes in Your Meeting to Be a Better Listener

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Nothing derails a meeting faster than people speaking just to be heard, interrupting each other, and failing to integrate each other’s points. Being a good listener can help you be sure you aren’t adding to the chaos.

o Use a simple note-taking method called “margin notes” to help you separate key points of discussion from your questions and concerns, allowing you to truly listen to what’s being said.

o In the main body of your notes, write down only what the other person is saying, and then write your ideas and judgments to the side, allowing you to set aside your own voice, and giving you space to listen to others.

o If you take the time to write down your observations and make connections between key ideas, you can thoughtfully craft your contributions to the discussion and set an example for others to do the same.

Adapted from “Become a Better Listener by Taking Notes,” by Sabina Nawaz

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