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I recently received a very special gift from a very special friend: Twelve months of direct access to some of the world’s most thoughtful and thought-provoking people who comprise the faculty of MasterClass. I am currently completing Doris Kearns Goodwin‘s course, “U.S. Presidential History and Leadership.”

Her focus is on Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, FDR, and LBJ. They are also the focus of her most recent book, Leadership: Turbulent Times.

Here is a unique opportunity to embark on a self-directed program to explore in depth subjects that include “U.S. Presidential History and Leadership” as well as others that include these:

o Business, Politics & Society
o Culinary Arts
o Design, Photography & Fashion
o Film & TV
o Lifestyle
o Music & Entertainment
o Science & Technology
o Sports & Games
o Writing

Here is a direct link to the Kearns course.

Here is a direct link to the MasterCourse homepage where information on all instructors and their courses is readily available.

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