Rick Fiery on “Capturing necessary brilliance: Learning differences unleashed!”

fieryImagine a business incubator offering the acceptance that drives creativity, for individuals with learning differences, who have a passion for changing the world. Rick Fiery did – and every day he sees the necessary brilliance we all need, that so many others overlook.

Here is a direct link to his TEDx Talk.

Rick Fiery began his career as a civil engineer after getting his Masters and Bachelors degrees at the University of Virginia. After moving to the computer-aided design industry he attended the Wharton School of Business and earned an MBA. His first startup after Wharton eventually grew to where its products were sold in over 60 countries. After being acquired by Bentley Systems, Rick ran finance for this multinational company that had grown to $338 Million in revenue when he left to do his next startup – Envista.

Envista was venture-backed and Rick led the development of a new product for municipalities and utility companies to coordinate their construction projects using an online map-based SaaS product. Revenue doubled every year after product launch until his departure three years ago. Rick’s research into the next startup led to the idea to form InventiveLabs in collaboration with TomBergeron. InventiveLabs gives Rick the opportunity to share his business experience and product knowledge with young adults that think differently to launch their careers or further their education.

To learn more about Rick and his work, please click here.

To learn more about TED, please click here.

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