Sarah Breedlove (1905): One of 10 female pioneers whose innovations inspire

It may come as a surprise to you that, from the computer to an ice-cream maker, some of the most important discoveries and inventions were by women.

We’ve all heard of famous inventors such as Thomas Jefferson (Monticello’s Great Clock), Alexander Graham Bell (the telephone), and Benjamin Franklin (bifocal glasses), but what about Grace Hopper and Stephanie Kwolek?

Hopper invented computer programming — without which, it’s fair to say, the world would be a very different place—and Kwolek invented Kevlar, a material five times stronger than steel and currently used around the world to protect people from bullets.

Despite how important these inventions are, history has shown us that women’s achievements are often overlooked when it comes to handing out praise. So we’re looking to spread the love.

Sarah Breedlove is first on a chronological list compiled by David Lidsky in an article for Fast Company. She made her own scalp conditioner, barnstormed African-American communities to demonstrate it, and later set up a college to train “hair culturists” to sell her goods. She built the template for success in the cosmetics business, In 2016, Sundial debuted a hit line of Madame C.J. Walker-branded products.

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