One Man’s Opinion: Five Greatest U.S. Presidents

Some people rank U.S. Presidents (i.e. 1-45 best-worst or 45-1 worst to best).

Others such as I prefer the cluster approach (i.e. five best or five worst, ranked in alpha order).

According to these criteria:

o Administrative Skills
o Commitment to Equal Justice For All
o Crisis Leadership,
o Economic Management
o International RelationsMoral Authority
o Performance Within Context of Times
o Public PersuasionRelations with Congress
o Setting/Commitment to an Agenda
o Vision

My choices (in alpha order) with their single greatest achievement:

Abraham Lincoln: Led preservation of the Union

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Led nation through Great Depression and then World War II

Theodore Roosevelt: Led nation to international

Harry S. Truman: The “accidental president,” he made more of the toughest decisions than any other POTUS has

George Washington: Led mostly civilian troops to victory over greatest military force in the world at that time

What do you think?

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