One dentist’s infamous extraction


According to a report from CNN, “Two Zimbabwean men were expected to appear in court Wednesday over the killing of Cecil the lion, one of Africa’s best known big cats. But most of the attention — and the anger — is focused on Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota whom Zimbabwean authorities say they are seeking for their investigation. Palmer says he thought everything was above board with the lion hunt he paid to go on earlier this month.”

In fact, there was no “hunt.” The lion was lured from the sanctuary. Palmer then shot and wounded him with a bow and arrow.

But the lion that he and his local guides hunted down and killed wasn’t just any big cat, according to Zimbabwean officials.

Cecil was a beloved resident of Hwange National Park and a major tourist draw for Zimbabwe. The 13-year-old black mane lion suffered a slow and painful death, lasting about 40 hours, according to the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force.

“The hunters lured him out of the park,” the conservation group said, “and Palmer then shot the lion with a bow and arrow, a method he is known for. But the arrow wasn’t enough to kill Cecil, who survived for another 40 hours until the hunters tracked him down and shot him with a gun.”

This is at least the third and latest incident in which Palmer has broken or bent laws to kill wildlife, not for food but for sport and recreation.

What do you think about all this?

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