On Breakthrough Technologies

In Restoring the Soul of Business, Rishad Tobaccowala examines the high cost of overreliance on humans or machines — but not both. He explains how to reclaim human creativity, insight, and relationships with other humans as well as with machines in order to compete and win in today’s VUCA marketplace.

For example, consider these thoughts:

“We need to prepare for breakthrough technologies — for AI that allows us to see five years down the road and the new, emerging markets and changing customer preferences. In our enthusiasm to embrace these technologies, we also need to step back and think about how they will affect the human elements of our businesses. Then we need to implement programs and policies designed to preserve the human — the creativity, risk-taking, relationship-building, empathy, and so on — that defines us at our best.

“If we can do that, the future is ours, and we have no limits on what we can accomplish.” (212)

* * *

Rishad’s key skill is getting people to see, think and feel differently about how to grow themselves, their teams and their company. He does this through distilling 40 years of global learning and wisdom and communicating in a way that is provocative, pragmatic and inspirational.

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