More than a hobby but not a career….

I was born in Chicago in 1936 and raised by a single-parent mother. During grades 5-12, I was able to attend the Art Institute of Chicago with scholarships from the Dudley Crafts Watson Foundation.

Later, I continued to take art courses at Beloit College where I earned a BA degree and then attended Yale University, earning an MA degree in comparative literature.

Whenever possible, I continued to paint throughout the years while helping to raise a family and pursue a career in academics and then the corporate world.

In recent years, I have concentrated on creating work within the abstract expressionism tradition, using acrylics to share images of subliminal forces that continue to nourish and stimulate my imagination.

Most of my work is generated from the subconscious, vivid dreams from which I recall only fragments, the result of forces that I still do not understand.

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