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McKinsey conversations with global leaders: David Rubenstein of The Carlyle Group

David Rubenstein

Here is another outstanding interview in the McKinsey Conversations with Global Leaders series. To watch the conversation with David Rubenstein in a video interactive, or download a PDF of the transcript, please click here.

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A founding managing director of The Carlyle Group reflects on the future of the private-equity industry, China’s role in a rebalancing global economy, and the leadership gap between the public and private sectors.

Source: Operations Practice

David Rubenstein, a founding managing director of The Carlyle Group, one of the world’s premiere private-equity firms, has built a career on assessing companies across industries and around the globe. In this video, the latest in our interview series McKinsey conversations with global leaders, Rubenstein shares his insights on how to manage a diverse and decentralized organization, how to identify the markets of greatest potential in a changing world economy, and how to attract leaders who are both intelligent and “have their ego in check.” He also discusses the new ecosystem he sees developing for the private-equity industry as pressures build for some of its largest players go public. Richard Elder, a director in McKinsey’s Washington, DC, office, conducted the interview.

To watch the conversation in our video interactive or download a PDF of the transcript, please click here.


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