Managers, Are You Delegating Too Much?


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When managers delegate too often, their employees feel abandoned and unmotivated. There are a number of warning signs that you over-delegate, from miscommunicating with your team, to hearing about issues at the last minute, to misunderstanding how your employees set priorities. But the solution isn’t to overcorrect and start doing a bunch of low-level tasks.

o One approach is to signal that you’re reengaging by taking on a project that’s closely tied to your team’s work. Another is to reset expectations with your team. Use an offsite or planning meeting to reconfirm the vision for the department and get everyone on the same page about goals.

o It’s also a good idea to double down on communicating your vision for the team. Use every opportunity to stress and reinforce the message. You can remind people about the overarching vision at the beginning of a project, during town halls and other forums, or periodically through email.

Adapted from “How to Tell If You’re Delegating Too Much — and What to Do About It,” by Anne Sugar

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