Make Sure Your Work Is Aligned with Your Boss’s Expectations


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Most people have had a boss they struggled to get along with. Maybe the manager didn’t seem to trust you or wasn’t impressed with your performance. While you may be tempted to blame the situation on your difficult boss, most often a mismatch like this happens when expectations aren’t aligned.

o For example, perhaps you handed in a 10-page report when your boss wanted a one-page summary, and they interpreted it as a sign that you didn’t listen. Get the relationship back on track by clarifying what your boss expects from you.

o Ask direct questions like, “What are your priorities for me?” and “What criteria should I take into account when making decisions?”

o And find out how your boss prefers to work with you, including how often you two should meet and when they expect you to be reachable by email and phone.

Knowing these expectations now could save you headaches in the future.

Adapted from “How to Win Over a Boss Who Just Doesn’t Seem to Like You,” by Jay A. Conger and Allan H. Church

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