Make Quick, Direct Feedback a Part of Your Routine


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Many managers don’t give effective feedback because they’re simply pressed for time. There are three ways to make this easier – for you and your employee:

o Create a standard way in. Reduce the time you spend mulling over each conversation by establishing a simple, routinized way to open feedback discussions. “I’m going to give you some feedback” or ”Are you open to my coaching on this?” gets immediate attention and sets the right tone.

o Be blunt. If you’ve ever said “maybe you could…” or asked an employee to “think about” a performance issue, you’re likely not being blunt enough. Be honest, sincere, and personal while addressing the issue head-on.

o Ask him to play it back. To avoid having the same conversation again and again, make sure your employee can clearly explain what he needs to change or do next.

Adapted from “Giving Effective Feedback When You’re Short on Time” by Daisy Wademan Dowling.

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