Make a Pact with Your Colleagues to Stay Focused


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If you’re surrounded by coworkers who get distracted easily, you’re likely to become distracted yourself. Instead of letting them pull you away from your to-do list, set boundaries.

o You don’t have to be rude about it; you can say something simple like, “Can we continue this conversation later? I want to get this report done, and then I’d love to hear more about your weekend.”

o This assures your coworker that you value your relationship while reinforcing your need for uninterrupted work time. You could also join forces with your colleagues to resist distractions together.

o Make a pact that during certain times — say, Thursday afternoons — you’ll work without interruptions: no email, social media, Slack, or chit-chatting. Then hold each other accountable for respecting the boundaries.

Research shows that when you tell someone else that you want to reform your ways, you’re more likely to follow through. Adapted from “What to Do When You’re Feeling Distracted at Work,” by Amy Gallo

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