Learn Something New to Relieve Some Stress

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Many people handle work stress by buckling down and powering through. But that’s not a great way to actually relieve your anxiety.

o Instead, try reframing the stressful situation as a learning opportunity. Learning something new adds to your skill set and knowledge, and helps you develop feelings of competency and growth, which can alleviate feelings of stress.

o You can also learn with others. For example, rather than just wrestling with a challenge in your head, get input from colleagues. Discussing a stressful situation with them can reveal hidden insights, either from their backgrounds or from the questions and perspectives they’ll offer.

o And don’t think of learning as an additional layer of work; think of it as a break from the hard work of getting the task done. Framing learning as a form of respite can make it more appealing and more likely to create a positive, enjoyable experience.

Adapted from “To Cope with Stress, Try Learning Something New,” by Chen Zhang, Christopher G. Myers, and David M.Mayer.

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