Leaders, Make It Safe for Employees to Give You Honest Feedback

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Just like everyone else, leaders need honest feedback to grow. But what leaders hear is often vague, or isn’t tied to specific behaviors, which means it isn’t very useful.

o One way to get feedback that will help you improve is to build a culture where it’s safe for employees to be honest. Show colleagues that you want to know what they think, even when — especially when — they might hesitate to tell you.

o You can do this by asking open-ended questions and listening carefully to the answers: “What did you hear when I shared my strategy?” or “How did it feel to you when I sent that email?” Tell your team that you want both positive and negative comments, and then resist the urge to respond to what they say — even if you disagree, simply listen and reflect.

o Lastly, thank your team for their honesty, and use their feedback to make necessary changes.

Adapted from “How Leaders Can Get Honest, Productive Feedback,” by Jennifer Porter

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