Key Career Question: A mini-commentary

SteigerI am constantly asked for advice on various business or business-related issues and I am happy to comply, either with my own opinion or – more often — with a reference to a much better source. For example, here is what I learned from the two-time Academy Award-winning actor, Rod Steiger:

He was once asked if young aspiring actors ever asked for his advice. “Oh yeh, sure, all the time. I look them right in the eye and ask them: Do you want to be an actor or do you have to be an actor?’ The longer it takes them to reply, the less likely they’ll ever make it.”

Over the years, I have asked the same question of my three sons and daughter as well as of their friends and several of my grandchildren and countless other young people. Responses vary.

To be fair, at least insofar as a career is concerned, most young people don’t know what they want to do, much less have what I call “a fire in the gut” to do it.

That said, the question remains valid.

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