“Keep your minds open — but not so open that your brains fall out.” Walter Kotschnig

In his latest of three books, Open to Think: Slow Down, Think Creatively and Make Better Decisions (September 2018), Dan Pontefract argues that “both individuals and organizations need a more reflective and more responsive thinking mindset. Our thinking ought to be shaped by constantly changing inputs and  information. We should recognize that our thinking is only as good as our ability to continually challenge and question. Better thinking is dependent on how open we are to new ideas, how evidence-based our decision-making can be, how capable we remain to get things done.”

“Dream, decide, do, and repeat,” is at the heart of his Open Thinking Model. This book demands you to constantly ask yourself, “How open am I to thinK?” That is to say, how open are you to thinking about how you think?

The progression of Dan Pontefract’s thinking over time fascinates me:

Form an army, agree on the obligations of a shared purpose, and then free as many people as possible from minds that have become mausoleums.


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