John Mattone on “The Ultimate Dimension” of Course Correction

The supertankers that transport oil must travel almost 40 miles to reverse direction. The same is true of the newest aircraft carriers

I thought of the relevance of that fact to the challenges that leaders of a Fortune 50 company face when they must make a course correction. In one of his recent books, The Intelligent Reader (October 2019), John Mattone suggests that their leaders must have a mindset that recognizes that they and the world around them are in a state of constant evolution, and that requires them to stay balanced in the face of inevitable change.

Here are three of his six specific recommendations:

1. Thinking Differently, Thinking Big

“If you are striving to achieve this, you will inherently be oriented toward consistent improvement and change. You will be seeking out the opportunities to change course to make your impact even greater.”

2. The Vulnerability Decision

“Similarly, if you want to embody the psychology of adjustment, vulnerability is absolutely crucial.  You need to be willing to open yourself up to the feedback of others, and be vulnerable enough to acknowledge mistakes and flaws in order to correct them.”

3. Having a Mindset of Entitlement versus a Mindset of Duty

“When you burst the bubble of your entitlement and embrace a duty mindset, you are able to see the biggest possible context for your actions. Having this bigger picture empowers you to better identify the areas that need improvement and set yourself on the right course. In many ways, the duty mindset amplifies your ability to see clearly.”

* * *

John Mattone is widely considered one of the world’s most highly respected executive coaches and is globally renowned for his ability to ignite and strengthen a leader’s inner self and talents. Since 2017, he has been ranked by Global Gurus as one of the top three coaching authorities in the world, alongside Tony Robbins and Marshall Goldsmith. John is the creator of the unique, powerful, and game-changing Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching program.

Be sure to check out his latest book, The Executive Coach’s Handbook (2022).


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