Interesting Facts About U.S. Presidents

I hope you find these facts as interesting as I do.

Source: MisterGworld

1 George Washington: Teeth were made from elephant and walrus tusks, not wood.
2 John Adams: First to live in the White House
3 Thomas Jefferson: Spoke six different languages
4 James Madison: Smallest President at 5′ 4″, under 100 lbs.
5 James Monroe: Died on the 4th of July, 1831, following both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson,

6 John Quincy Adams: Son of John Adams
7 Andrew Jackson: First President to ride in a train
8 Martin Van Buren: First President born an American citizen (all before him were born in the British colonies)
9 William Henry Harrison: President for only 31 days, died of pnueumonia
10 John Tyler:  Loved children, had 15 children

11 James K. Polk: First President to serve a nation from coast to coast
12 Zachary Taylor: Never voted for a President
13 Millard Fillmore: First President to have a stove and running water in White House
14 Franklin Pierce:  Memorized his entire inaugural speech – 3,319 words
15 James Buchanan: Never married; his niece was White House hostess

16 Abraham Lincoln: First President to be assassinated
17 Andrew Johnson: Was buried wrapped in an American flag with a copy of the Constitution
18 Ulysses S. Grant: Was fined $20 for speeding with his horse and carriage
19 Rutherford B. Hayes: First President to use a phone – his phone number was 1
20 James A. Garfield: Could write with both hands at the same time – in different languages

21 Chester A. Arthur: Changed his pants several times a day – he owned 80 pairs of pants
22 Grover Cleveland: First and only President married in the White House
23 Benjamin Harrison: First President to have electric lights and a Christmas tree in the White House, grandson of William H. Harrison
24 Grover Cleveland: First and only President to ever serve two non-consecutive terms
25 William McKinley: First President to use campaign buttons

26 Theodore Roosevelt: Youngest person ever to be President (42)
27 William Howard Taft: Heaviest President, weighing 332 pounds
28 Woodrow Wilson: Dreamed of being a stage performer
29 Warren G. Harding: Gambled away a set of White House china
30 Calvin Coolidge: Only President born on the 4th of July

31 Herbert Hoover: Spoke chinese to his wife to keep their stories private
32 Franklin D. Roosevelt: Only President to serve more than two terms
33 Harry S. Truman: Read every book in his hometown library
34 Dwight D. Eisenhower: Commander of Allied Forces during World War II
35 John F. Kennedy: Youngest elected President; first Catholic President

36 Lyndon B. Johnson: Was an auto mechanic and teacher before being President
37 Richard M. Nixon: Recommended a play to the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VI
38 Gerald R. Ford:  Held his daughter’s High School prom in the White House
39 Jimmy Carter: First President born in a hospital
40 Ronald Reagan: Oldest President (69-77)

41 George Bush: Survived four planes crashes during World War II
42 William J. Clinton: Played the saxophone on national TV
43 George W. Bush: Has a collection of over 250 signed baseballs
44 Barack Obama: Hawaii First African-American to become President

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