Increases to the national deficit (dollar and percentage) during the administrations of Presidents Eisenhower through Trump

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Who increased the U.S. debt the most? That depends on how you measure it. Also, WHY.

According to an article by Kimberly Amadeo, posted at The Balance website, here is what the increases (dollar and percentage) were during the administrations of Presidents Eisenhower through Trump:


Trump 6.7 – 33%
Obama 8.6 – 74%
GW Bush 5.85 – 101%
Clinton 1.4 – 32%
GHW Bush 1.55 – 54%
Reagan 1.86 – 186%


Ford 22.7 – N/A
Carter 299 – 42.7%
Nixon 121 – 37%
LB Johnson 41.8 – 13%
Kennedy 22.6 – N/A
Eisenhower 22.8 – N/A

Note: The dollar and percentage increases were based on the differences between a President’s last year in office and the last year of his predecessor.

Here is a direct link to the complete article.

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