If Your Star Employee Decides to Leave, Support Them

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No manager wants to lose a valued employee, but should you convince them to stay if they want to leave?

o If the person hasn’t already accepted an outside offer, try to find out more information. Take them out to coffee and ask about their concerns and hopes for the future.

o Also ask whether the employee is open to staying at the company, and what they would need to do so — more money, more career opportunities, better work-life balance?

o What aren’t they getting enough of in their current role and career path? There may be a solution the person hasn’t thought of. Offer what you can, within reason.

o On the other hand, if the employee is set on leaving, let them go gracefully. Congratulate them on the new job, and send them off on a positive note.

After all, someday the person might be in a position to recommend (or not) your organization to future applicants.


Adapted from “Should You Try to Convince a Star Employee to Stay?,” by Art Markman

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