If You Aren’t Good at Planning, Get Tips from People Who Are

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If your brain isn’t naturally wired for making order, learning how to plan your time can be a frustrating experience. Fortunately, it’s possible to overcome your natural wiring and better organize your time.

o Begin by reaching out to friends or colleagues who excel at planning or have good organization skills and asking for their advice.

o They may be able to offer solutions to problems that overwhelm you — or they might have suggestions for organization systems that you can try out. It will save you time (and a headache) if you don’t have to develop your own ideas from scratch.

o And be sure to ask them for simple solutions. Don’t aim to become an expert planner when you’re just starting out; having a basic level of knowledge is a good goal.

Adapted from “A Way to Plan If You’re Bad at Planning,” by Elizabeth Grace Saunders

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