Hugh MacLeod on “The Trouble with Advertising”

Here’s a recent post from one of my favorite social commentators and artists, Hugh MacLeod.

I worked in advertising for many years. My opinion of Madison Avenue is the same as the famous one held by the screenwriter, William Goldman, to describe Hollywood: “Nobody knows anything”.

No matter how clever you are or how much money you spend, every ad campaign is a risk. It may be a hit, or it may flop.

You just don’t know till you’ve already spent your money and the campaign is already out there, filling up the cultural ether.

*     *     *

This illustration reminds me of what another social commentator said:

“In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.”

Thank you Hugh MacLeod and thank you, also, Yogi Berra.

To check out MacLeod’s wealth of resopurces, please click here.




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