How to Manage a Diverse and Dispersed Team


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Teams that come together across different units and time zones to do project-based work rarely have time to build the trust that has long been considered the foundation of good teamwork.

Here’s how to manage a team working on the fly:
• Speak up and listen intensely. Communication is key. Ask questions, acknowledge errors, raise issues, and offer ideas. Make sure you understand your teammates’ knowledge, expertise, ideas, and concerns.
• Integrate different points of view. Information and ideas don’t synthesize themselves. Leaders need to identify and incorporate the challenges, opportunities, and solutions so they make sense to the team.
• Experiment iteratively. In uncertain environments, people tend to overanalyze or take big leaps of faith. Instead, use a step-by-step approach and take time to discuss progress and correct as you go.
Today’s Management Tipwas adapted from “Teamwork on the Fly” by Amy Edmondson.To read that article and join the discussion, please click here.

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