How to Grow Your Company Without Sacrificing Culture

Karen Rubin

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Every company wants to grow. But growth often brings some hiccups, especially when it comes to organizational culture. If you’re growing fast, here are two ways to keep your culture intact:

• Spend a lot of time communicating. If people are unhappy, don’t try to squelch their anger. Instead, identify the loudmouths. Spend time listening to them, not interjecting your own thoughts. That way, you can learn more and solve their gripes.
• Measure culture. It’s tough, but not impossible. Use internal surveys or interviews to get a baseline. Find out why people enjoy working at your company and what they value. Use this information to monitor what matters most to your employees.
Today’s Management Tip was adapted from “How Start-Ups Can Maintain Company Culture While Growing” by Karen Rubin.

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