How to Gain Credibility When You Have Little Experience

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When you’re starting out in your career, and have limited work experience, it can be tough to gain credibility. Your coworkers won’t see you as a crucial part of the organization until you prove yourself to be one.

o Start earning your colleagues’ respect by conveying the value you bring. Think about your strengths: In which areas do you do your best work?

o What have you been praised for in the past? Don’t forget to consider your personal life—chances are you possess some useful insights because of your geographic or demographic background.

o For example, if you’re a 20-something and working on a market research project, you may have fresh ideas about the best types of questions to ask people your age.

This approach of relying on your strengths can be a starting point to building credibility and positive regard in the organization.

Adapted from “How to Gain Credibility When You Have Little Experience,” by Andy Molinksy and Jake Newfield

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