How to feed the brains of your high-potentials

Although more than $75 BILLION was spent on corporate training programs in 2016, the fact remains that most organizations do little (if anything) to feed the brains of their high-potentials in order to accelerate their personal growth and professional development.

That is an obscene waste.

Here are four initiatives that you can introduce immediately:

1. The 60-Second Business Book Shelf: Each week, offer ”mini-commentaries“ on five of the best business books on the company’s intranet, each of which takes only one minute to read.

2. The CEO Update: Monthly, distribute an email among all employees that consists of a brief commentary on 3-5 developments of greatest significance. Total word count per issue: 250 words or less.

3. Brown Bag Seminars: Perhaps once a month, sponsor a luncheon discussion on a subject of special interest such as “How our workplace could and should be much more pleasant.” BYO or, better yet, the company pays for a light buffet (brought in) with non-alcoholic beverages. Devote an hour to group discussion.

4. Electronic Suggestion Box: Add it as a new feature on the company’s intranet. Ensure total anonymity. Solicit suggestions from throughout the enterprise. Provide a brief monthly update on the best suggestions and efforts to implement them.

The cost of these initiatives would be minimal and their impact could be substantial.

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