How to Drive Ongoing Performance Management with Project-Based Reviews

Driving Ongoing

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Okay, who likes the traditional performance review process? May I see a show of hands, please? Wait, I don’t see any hands.

It’s no surprise that the traditional performance review process we’ve used for decades isn’t always the most welcome of activities. Recognizing that a once-a-year review is no longer cutting it, many organizations are turning to performance and development activities that happen throughout the year – not just at annual review time. One of these activities is the project-based review.

Keeping work on track with project-based reviews

The workplace is changing, which has led many companies to trade in the traditional organizational structure in favor of flatter, more project-based, matrix-style one.

In matrix organizations, employees are drawn to work on various teams, report to multiple project managers and achieve different objectives throughout the year. Because work is largely project-based, and involves various people and scheduling, it doesn’t make sense to review employee performance from the perspective of a single manager at annual review time.

What does make sense is to hold regular project reviews. These provide a valuable opportunity to inform managers how someone is performing throughout the year. In these reviews, the project manager or team lead (who are not necessarily the direct manager), can take an active role in the process.

The benefits of regular project reviews

o Give employees the timely continuous feedback they need to develop and succeed
o Capture feedback from “people in the know” not just direct managers
o Provide managers with the documentation to make year-end employee reviews easier
o Enable organizations to react and respond to potential issues as they arise
o Help project managers reflect on what went well, what can be improved and lessons learned

You can learn more about the project review and explore other examples of activities that promote ongoing performance management in the eBook, 5 ways to transform the annual employee performance review. Download your copy, grab a cuppa joe, tea, latte or any other beverage of choice – and enjoy the read.

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