How to create and then nourish a workplace culture in which innovation is driven by diversity

LivermoreIn Driven by Difference: How Great Companies Fuel Innovation Through Diversity, David Livermore explains how to establish and then nourish a workplace environment within which culturally intelligent innovation is most likely to thrive.

In Part II, he introduces the 5D Process. It consists of five components:

1. Define: Align Diverse Expectations and Goals. “Learn the importance of creating a shared, metal model for using diversity to create better, innovative outcomes. And gain leading practices for aligning diverse expectations on a team.”

2. Dream: Generate Diverse Ideas. “Discover the challenges and opportunities for generating ideas from a diverse team. And gain leading practices for generating ideas on a diverse team.”

3. Decide: Select and Sell Your Idea. “Understand the influence of cultural differences for how you select and pitch an idea. And gain leading practices for selecting and selling your idea to diverse users.”

4. Design: Create and Test for Diverse Users. “See how cultural differences influence and perceptions about design and utility. And gain leading practices for designing and testing for diverse users.”

5. Deliver: Implement Global Solutions. “Prepare for implementation by minimizing potential conflict and maximizing the strengths of a diverse team. And gain leading practices for managing implementation of your innovative solution”

David explains in detail how to accelerate the development of these five capabilities.

To learn more about him and his work, please click here.

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