How to attract, hire, train, and then retain the talent for digital thinking that can transform any organization

EggersIn Delivering on Digital: The Innovators and Technologies That Are Transforming GovernmentWilliam Eggers recommends and explains nine strategies that will help decision-makers in governmental entities that need to attract, hire, train, and then retain the talent they need to compete successfully in a global marketplace that seems to become more volatile, more uncertain, more complex, and more ambiguous each day.

In my opinion, these same strategies — with only minor modification — can also be of substantial benefit to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as the Fortune International 500.

Here they are:

o Create an interesting job description.
o What’s your offer? Create a unique value proposition to attract the best talent.
o Don’t leave recruitment to HR staff.
o Embrace a temporary dream team.
o Balance tech whiz kids with government veterans.
o Identify each capabilities gap.
o Ensure cutting-edge technology for cutting-edge talent.
o Identify the torch-bearers.
o Build a digital ecosystem.

So, what to look for when recruiting candidates?

Having high-potential to develop a digital mindset would be high on the list, if not atop it. William Eggers: “There’s no agreed-upon definition of a digital mindset, but five characteristics tend to be common among individuals and organizations that understand d the opportunities inherent in digital transformation: a belief in openness, user-centricity, co-creation, simplicity, and agility.” Eggers thoroughly discusses each. (Please see pages 25-37.)

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William (Bill) Eggers is responsible for research and thought leadership for Deloitte’s Public Sector industry practice and has advised governments around the world. He is an internationally recognized authority on government reform, columnist, and author of seven books. His books have won numerous awards and his commentary has appeared in dozens of major media outlets including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Guardian, and the Chicago Tribune.

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