How to Ask Team Newcomers to Tackle Tough Problems

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It’s easy to think of newcomers as burdens: they need to be trained and brought up to speed. But rookies are far more capable than most people expect. Instead of putting them through basic training, ask them to make a difference right away.

o Have them generate fresh ideas, experiment, and get rapid feedback from your customers. They can also:

o Tap networks of experts. Newcomers have no qualms about seeking guidance from others. They seek out expertise 40% more than their experienced peers, and, when they do, they connect with five times as many people.

o Forge new territory. Assign a rookie to tackle a tough challenge or new opportunity. Newbies are more willing to explore new frontiers, and they’re more likely to improvise and get resourceful.

Adapted from “Why Your Team Needs Rookies” by Liz Wiseman.

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