How strong is your brain?

In her recently published book, How We WorkLeah Weiss explains how to “live your purpose, reclaim your sanity, and embrace the daily grind.”

At one point, she observes: “Prototype, experimentation, and informed redesign — the contemporary Western system for innovative thinking known as ‘design thinking’ that is de rigueur all over Silicon Valley — has a surprising analog in a two-thousand-year-old Tibetan system called darma sum. Literally, and rather poetically, darma sum means ‘good in the beginning, good in the middle, and good in the end.’ This three-part mindfulness training instruction applies to everything we do or want to do. Not coincidentally, I think, both design thinking and darma sumtrace the basic structure of another famous learning strategy: the hypothesis, experimentation, and conclusion of the scientific method.”

As I think about all this, I am again reminded of how the mind (what the brain does) can be developed — over time — to integrate reason, intuition, and emotion with the five senses in ways and to an extent that artificial intelligence cannot equal, much less surpass.

The brain is a muscle that can be strengthened. Paraphrasing Henry Ford, whether you think you can or think you can’t strengthen yours, you’re probably right.

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