How much is their net worth?

I am among those who watch films and television programs as well as live events and wonder how much performers are paid.  That can vary — sometimes significantly — from one performance or one year (or decade) to the next. More to the point, what is their net worth?

Consider these examples, with estimates provided by various sources:

Ralpth Lauren              $8.2 billion
George Lucas                5.1
Steven Spielberg           3.7
Oprah Winfrey               2.5
Kylie Jenner                   1

Jay-Z                                  900 million
Jerry Seinfeld

Dr. Dre                                830

Celine Dion                        800

Bono                                   700

Earvin “Magic” Johnson   600

Jimmy Buffett                    550

Mariah Carey                     520

Dolly Parton                      500
Matt Groening

Judge Judy Scheindlin     420

Dale Earnhardt Jr.             400
“Dr Phil” McGraw
David Letterman

Kobe Bryant                       360

Beyoncé                             350
Shania Twain

George Strait                     300
Robert De Niro

Garth Brooks                      280

Leonardo Di Caprio           245

John Madden                     200
Sandra Bullock
Johnny Depp

Maria Sharapova                195

Derek Jeter                         185

Barbara Walters                  150

Steve Harvey                       100
Robin Williams
Richard Gere

Jerry Springer                     75

Michael Phelps                    55

Chelsea Handler                  40

Simone Biles                            2.4 thousand

Of course, these are estimates. Moreover, the net worth of these and other celebrities can increase or be reduced substantially…sometimes unexpectedly. Bernard Madoff, for example, and those who entrusted their resources to his care.

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