How does public school education in the U.S. rank internationally?

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According to a study  of 65 countries recently conducted by the Programme for International Student Aassessment (PISA), discussed in an article featured by, here is how the United States compares/contrasts with 64 other countries, and among six specifically:


China  (#1)
Switzerland (#8)
Canada (#10)
France (#22)
England (#27)
United States (#30)


China (#1)
Canada (#6)
Switzerland (#13)
United States (#14)
France (#17)


China (#1)
Canada (#8)
Switzerland (#13)
England (#14)
United States (#20)
France (#23)

With all due respect to the importance of innovation, the United States must out-educate its competition in the global marketplace before it will be able to out-innovate them.

In my opinion, the current state of public school education in the United States is both a national disgrace and an economic disaster.

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For those who share my concerns, please click here to check out a final examination that all 8th graders took in Salina, Kansas, in 1895. Most of those students attended a one-room schoolhouse. Hmmm…..



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